Where does Goamusic comes from?

In the late 1980's, as trance music became popular in Europe, a form of electronic music called Goa Trance exploded into the music world.

Originating in the Indian State of Goa, it has now gained popularity all over the world.


Goa Festival

floating beats, magic decoration, nice people – thats Goa 🙂


With many festivals and parties being held throughout the world, finding a place to experience Goa Trance should be easy.


What kinds of music Goa is inspired by?

Goa Trance was not formed from one single genre.

It was inspired from many different genres and most notably from Industrial and Electronic Body Music.


origin of goa music

Industrial and Electronic Body Music (EBM) – the origin of goa music / psytrance


With so many different forms of expression being fused together, Goa Trance has created a following in places such as Israel, Brazil, Japan and South Africa.

When it first developed, it incorporated elements of industrial music with the spiritual culture in India. It wasn't until the early 1990's that the Goa Trance we think of today arrived.



Goa and spirituality

Categorically, Goa Trance music is a "dance trance" style of electronic music.

Inspired by many factors such as spirituality, tribal and ethnic music, as well as other techno and psychedelic rock styles, it was intended to be a means of bodily transcendence.


spirituality and goa music

Goa music and spirituality


Many spiritualists feel that dancing to Goa Trance more easily allows them to reach this state of mind.

Sadhus, a type of practitioner of yoga who's dedicated solely to achieving moksha, or liberation, through meditation and contemplation of God, believe that Goa Trance aids them in their spiritual quest.


The sound of Goamusic

A typical Goa Trance track lasts around eight or ten minutes. However, some tracks last longer than twelve minutes.

With the use of synthesizers and other electronic music technologies, there is a heavy bass pulse and hypnotic feel to this music. With a disco-like rhythm, tracks are almost always in common time (four beats per measure) and have very fast paced tempos at around 130 to 150 BPM, or beats per minute.


The sound of Goamusic

Goa-Music – colored, energizing, spiritual


Energy is the main goal and the track's energy generally peaks during the second half. A quick drop in the energy level follows and stays this way through the end.

Other elements used in Goa Trance are sound clips from science fiction movies, references to drugs and extraterrestrials, as well as anything else that invokes a sense of mystery.



Goa and Lifestyle

To get the full experience of Goa Trance, participation in Goa Trance music festivals is essential. Festivals range in attendance from a couple thousand to tens of thousands of attendants.

People from all walks of life generally attend. Some festival goers travel thousands of miles with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and enough money for food.


Goa Lifestyle

Goa – more than music, Lifestyle


In the last two decades, Goa Trance has grown from being a mere form of electronic music to being a complete lifestyle.

As the world searches for ways to expand spiritually and relieve stress, Goa Trance expands and changes with it.

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