GoafestivalsGoa parties and festivals range from small gatherings of a handful of people to extraordinary celebrations drawing crowds of thousands.

With so much diversity, each affair still maintains a sense of harmony and well being.

People with seemingly nothing in common celebrate together without trouble.


most famous Goafestivals

Little information can be found on specific festivals. General information is readily available and it seems you have to be a major supporter of the lifestyle to know when the larger events are held. Some of the larger celebrations are held as far away from Goa as Australia.

The Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia draws crowds from all over the world. Other worldwide festivals are the Zoom Festival in Switzerland, the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival in Hungary, the Boom Festival (Portugal) and the Universo Paralello (Brasilia). Since 1997, the Boom Festival has taken place in Portugal every two years. Soulclipse is held in various locations and there are many other smaller festivals held in virtually every country on the planet. Each festival tends to draw crowds of people from all over the world.

The most notable festival is the Full Moon Party on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Certainly the most frequently occurring Goa festivals, it is held monthly on the beach. Each full moon, some ten thousand people journey to the island to celebrate.



Goa in Goa (India)

Goa in IndiaThe smaller, but always energetic Goa Trance parties are typically held on beaches or in forests.

The local police in Goa require that baksheesh, a type of charitable giving, is paid.

Therefore, it is essential that these parties are held around a bar; temporary bars are constructed if necessary.

Although it is not common, parties are sometimes held in clubs. Around the New Year, the parties increase in energy and often become quite chaotic. Travelers, beggars and spiritualists travel from all over the world to participate in these parties and attempt to receive a higher understanding of spirituality.

In recent news, the death of a British tourist during a Goa Trance gathering has prompted reform on security at these festivals. Another concern has been the illegal shacks being erected on the beaches in Goa. This likely has nothing to do with Goa Trance music itself. It is more likely that this is just evidence of what can happen in large crowds when security and enforcement of laws is inadequate.

Goa Trance parties and festivals are usually high energy and involve people from many different, and sometimes conflicting, walks of life. Though it is true that many of these parties tend to center around drug abuse, it is certainly not the case for all of them. More times than not, they are centered around harmony and are focused on improving oneself for the benefit with all.



Goa in Germany

In germany you will find a big goascene too. There are a lot of small goaparties all over the country and some excellent organized big goafestivals that draw tenthousends of goapeople also exist.

The most famous goafestivals in germany are: Antaris Project, Fullmoon Festival, Gathering of the Tribes, Tshitraka Project, VooV Experience, Waldfrieden Wonderland and the famous Fusion near Berlin where every year nearly 20.000 people meet to celebrate goa.

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